Apnea fins competition d 300

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Apnea fins competition d 300

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Competition D blades are long racing blades and are made with 100% top quality Carbon T-700. The C4 300 is combined with the best soles in the world, resulting in an amazing fin. The formation of a double parabolic bend in combination with their long length results in a relaxing and efficient shoe.

Their dimensions (890 x 195 mm) are suitable for use, in the appropriate hardness in competitive free diving or dynamic apnea and of course in deep underwater fishing.

Competition D blades do not form an angle at the joint with the sole but a curve. This results in the force being applied smoothly and progressively which helps in the effort to achieve the ideal shoe. The length of the blade, the bending profile, combined with the special features of the T-700 and the special construction technology results in an incredibly efficient blade that achieves measurements and performance with incredible ease.

An extremely bright yellow stripe is embedded in the resin and runs through the blade from end to end with the Competition logo designed in such a way that it lets the carbon T700 appear through its components. The size of the strip with the bright yellow color and the white logo of Apnea make it possible to locate the diver from long distances. The set is completed with different colored water rails (yellow-black) giving a very beautiful and special aesthetic result.