Apnea hawk bianco C4 400

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Apnea hawk bianco C4 400

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The new Apnea HAWK BIANCO blades are combined with the quality C4 400 soles, resulting in an amazing blade. With their white color they stand out from all the other blades. They are made with the same resins and processes used in Carbon Blades but here the material is GFB fiberglass. It is a very good choice for the angler and the diver.

The blades have a very good performance and at depths up to 25 meters they have nothing to envy from the corresponding carbon. Their features and price make them an excellent choice for the fisherman while keeping costs low. They have an elliptical bending profile and are suitable for use in similar hardness in underwater fishing.

They are blades with dimensions 810 x 195mm. The dimensions and the elliptical bending profile of the blade allow movement with absolute flexibility.

The water rails are black and the Apnea logo is black.

The new Apnea HAWK BIANCO blades are made to work together and apply to the new C4 400 soles on the C4300, Aquatic as well as on all modern soles (Pathos, Mares, Beuchat etc).