Apnea spirit fade2carbon blue 400

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Apnea spirit fade2carbon blue 400

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Spirit fade2blue are new generation blades with a special paint layer blue surface variant, on the front, while on the back they have the natural color of Carbon.

This peculiarity gives special coverage to the hunter's volume as the blades are a large part of the overall silhouette of the diver and are constantly in motion.

With the double different coloring of the blades we achieve the variation that is needed in both possible sightings. Seeing the movement of a diver's fins from the bottom, we will see a blue toy, such as the slight ripple on the surface resulting in a variation - hiding a significant surface of the diver.

Spirit fade2blue are made of 100% top quality carbon, have an elliptical bending profile and are suitable for use in similar hardness, in deep and / or competitive underwater fishing, competitive free diving or dynamic apnea.

The end of the blades is covered with a white film on the back, of a special shape, which reveals the course, so that it is easy to locate the diver and his course from the surface.

The new Apnea SPIRIT blades are made to work together and apply to the new C4 400, C4 300, Aquatic and all modern soles. (Pathos, Mares, Beuchat etc).