Lalizas inflatable lifejacket belt - pack delta 150N

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Lalizas inflatable lifejacket belt - pack delta 150N

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*LALIZAS ISO 12402-3, Belt pack ISO Delta 150N inflatable life jackets, comply with the latest ISO 12402-3 specifications for ultimate safety while on board.
*The inflatable bladder, which is made of high visibility yellow fabric, is folded into a nylon valise with velcro closure and it is also equipped with LALIZAS retro reflective tapes and whistle (certified per ISO 12402-7 & 8).
*The ISO Delta user-friendly life jackets provide the maximum safety, thanks to their fast inflation ability, even at very low temperatures.
*Ideal for all ships, especially the small ones where storage space is limited.
*They are provided with lifting loop, for easier rescue.