JW Fishers pulse 10 boat towed detector

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JW Fishers pulse 10 boat towed detector

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*Fishers most economical boat-towed pulse induction metal detector detects both ferrous (iron/steel) and
non-ferrous (gold/silver/aluminum/bronze/etc.) metals.
*The PULSE 10 has a large detection envelope and is ideal for searching small to medium size areas.
*This detector works equally well in both fresh and salt water.
*It is in use by treasure hunters and salvage companies worldwide to locate a variety of targets including cannons,
cannon balls, anchors, propellers, buried pipelines, lost airplanes, sunk cars, and shipwrecks.
*The Pulse 10 system consists of a Control Box, a Search Coil with 150 feet of cable, and a Tow Fish.
*The Search Coil mounts on the Fish and is towed through the water at 1-3 mph.
*An alarm sounds and the meter swings up when the Coil passes over a metal object.
*Power is supplied by two 12 volt batteries (not included).
*An altimeter can be attached to show the distance between the Fish and the bottom.
*The Coil can be removed from the Fish and held by a diver to pinpoint buried targets.
*With the Coil detached from the Fish, the system can also be used for land applications.

*300 foot cable
*DDW-1 Deep Dive Wing
*0-5 vdc Analog Output
*RS232 Output