Led lenser iF8R floodlight

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Led Lenser

Led lenser iF8R floodlight

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*Designed to keep your hands free and light up any site.
*The built-in magnet, flexible base and handle give endless options for lighting at any angle.
*With an integrated power bank this handy device can also power your mobile phone.
*Lumen: max: 4500, min: 400
*Light functions: power, mid power, low power
*Beam distance: max: 150m, min: 20m
*Burn time: max: 12h, min: 1.25h
*IPX rating: 54
*Focus system: advanced focus system
*Additional features: dimmable, cooling technology, power bank function
*Battery: rechargeable Li-ion 3x21700 battery pack 3.7V
*Size: 235 x 44 x 111mm (W x D x H)
*Weight: 1.74 kg including battery
*Charge time: 240 mins